About Jonathan

Anti-Aging & Hormone Specialist & Aesthetic, Functional, and Integrative Medicine in Las Vegas, NV

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Tyler, PA-C, brings more than 11 years of experience to his role as a physician assistant at Atlas Health Institute. In the Las Vegas, Nevada, office, Jonathan specializes in customized treatments for health problems like erectile dysfunction, low energy, and other issues that can go along with hormone imbalance. 

Jonathan earned his Bachelor’s degree and his Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from The University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington. He has broad-ranging experience in the health field, including years working in emergency medicine, obesity care, and gender-specific health management. 

As a partner at Atlas Health Institute, Jonathan is particularly invested in the health, wellness, and longevity of each and every patient he sees. He goes out of his way to help each patient achieve the highly personalized medical care they need to optimize their health. 

Jonathan is currently accepting new patients at Atlas Health Institute and welcomes patients to call the office or click the online scheduling feature to arrange a consultation now.