The Link Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Dec 20, 2023
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If you’re living with diabetes, your high blood sugar levels could lead to erectile dysfunction. Find out more about the connection between these two health conditions here.

Studies tell us that up to 75% of men living with diabetes will experience erectile dysfunction at some point. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to have or maintain an erection that’s satisfactory for sex.

While many men experience erectile dysfunction as they age, research tells us that men with diabetes — especially type 2 diabetes — will experience the problem 10-15 years sooner than men who don’t have the condition.

So, is there a connection here? The short answer is yes. 

Because erectile dysfunction can cause distress and difficulties in your relationship with your partner, our team of men’s health specialists at Atlas Health Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, want to discuss this relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction and give you some tips to manage both conditions.  

How diabetes and erectile dysfunction are linked

When you have diabetes, you have elevated blood sugar levels. If left unchecked, these high levels can start to damage your nerves and blood vessels. This means that nerve stimulation and increased blood flow – which are both needed for an erection — are impaired and your likelihood to maintain a firm erection goes down.

Diabetes also increases your risk for developing conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both these health issues can contribute to further blood vessel damage and increased risk for erectile dysfunction.

In addition, many people living with diabetes can also experience extra stress, depression, obesity, and low testosterone, which can all increase your likelihood for developing erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, many diabetes medications can lead to erectile dysfunction as well.

Addressing erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, we have a variety of different options at Atlas Health Institute. 

Hormone replacement therapy can help boost testosterone levels through a pellet implant or through injections. Boosting these levels may help you achieve and maintain an erection.

Oral medications such as Viagra® or Cialis® can help to increase blood flow to your penis, making a firm erection more likely. However, if you’re also taking medications to treat a heart condition, these medications may not be right for you. 

We also offer compound medications that consist of several different medications that all work together to improve circulation and provide better erections.

In addition, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to lower blood sugar levels and reduce damage done to your nerves and blood vessels. Our team recommends that you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress levels, eat a nutritious diet, cut back on alcohol, and stay active. 

To receive compassionate and expert care for erectile dysfunction, look no further than our team at Atlas Health Institute. Schedule an appointment with us online or over the phone at 702-778-5900 today.