Lesser-Known Ways to Improve Sexual Function

Feb 13, 2024
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Sexual dysfunction is often addressed with medication, but did you know there’s plenty of other ways you can boost sexual function? We review some of these natural methods for improving sexual satisfaction here.

Sexual function plays a huge role in a satisfying sex life. Both men and women can struggle with sexual dysfunction and it can cause your intimacy with your partner to take a hit.

While there’s plenty of medications out there that can address underlying causes of sexual dysfunction, there are also lots of natural ways to boost sexual function, performance, and enjoyment. 

At Atlas Health Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, our team of men’s and women’s health experts understands the toll a less than pleasant sex life can take on you. That’s why we’ve gathered some ways you can improve your sexual function to take back intimacy. 

Sexual dysfunction in men

Sexual dysfunction can look different for each man. Some men might have trouble getting or maintaining an erection that’s necessary for sex (erectile dysfunction), while others may have either delayed or premature ejaculation. And others may even struggle with low libido in general.

Whatever the case may be for you, here are some ways you can increase your sexual function:


If you struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, exercise is a great way to improve blood flow and encourage stamina. Try to exercise around 75-150 minutes a week and try to include activities such as running or swimming. Your goals for physical activity should be to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. 

Healthy diet

Eating a variety of healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D can do wonders for limiting erectile dysfunction and promoting sexual longevity. 

Reduce stress

High stress levels can increase your blood pressure and make sexual desire and function almost non-existent. It can also impede your ability to reach orgasm.

Find things that work for you to decrease stress. You can try methods like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, and journaling. 

Make any necessary lifestyle changes

Smoking and consuming too much alcohol can wreak havoc on your sex life. Too much alcohol can reduce efficient blood flow  and smoking can constrict blood flow, leading to impotence. So, for better sexual performance and satisfaction, quit smoking and severely limit alcohol intake. 

Sexual dysfunction in women

Just like in men, sexual dysfunction in women can be widely varied. Some women may have low to no interest in sex at all while others may have trouble becoming aroused or achieving orgasm. Many women also experience pain during sex which can significantly diminish sexual desire. 

Here’s how you can improve sexual function as a woman:

Talk about sex

While it may feel uncomfortable, having an open line of communication with your partner about sex can make huge improvements in your sexual satisfaction. Let your partner know what you do like and don’t like and what’s arousing for you. 

Talking about sex in a nonjudgmental and safe environment can lead to greater intimacy.

Practice healthy habits

Limiting alcohol consumption and increasing physical activity can lead to increased energy and a better mood. More energy and a positive mood can increase sexual response and romantic feelings, both of which can improve your sex life.

In addition, learn how to manage your stress. Reduced stress levels can give you a clear mind when you’re ready to engage in sex. 

Try some new things

If you don’t regularly use lubricant, try a water or silicone based one to improve sexual satisfaction and lessen any pain due to vaginal dryness. 

In addition, boosting clitoral stimulation may increase your arousal and make it easier to achieve orgasm. Using a vibrator is a great tool for optimal clitoral stimulation. 

Don’t let diminished sexual function keep you from a satisfying sex life. Schedule an appointment for expert care with our team by calling or booking online.