Get Over Jet Lag Quickly With IV Therapy

Mar 02, 2023
Get Over Jet Lag Quickly With IV Therapy
Plane travel and everything that comes with it can be stressful and exhausting, and jet lag doesn’t help the situation. Find out how we can help kick jet lag to the curb fast with IV therapy.

Long distance plane travel can be taxing for many reasons whether it’s the stress of security and check-ins or the hours of being confined in a small space – it can be overwhelming. In addition to all those things, if you’re traveling across two or more time zones, you’re likely to experience something called jet lag.

Jet lag is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder that’s caused by going quickly from one time zone to another. Your body’s “internal clock” – or circadian rhythm – needs time to play catch up to the new sleep and wake times at your destination. 

Jet lag can cause symptoms like insomnia, daytime sleepiness, headaches, fatigue, and mood swings. 

Fortunately, our team at Atlas Health Institute offers IV therapy in order to help you get over jet lag quickly so you’re not left feeling sluggish for several days after arriving back home from your long distance trip. We review what IV therapy is and how it can help you bounce back from your jet lag.

Explaining IV therapy

IV therapy is a way to give vitamins, minerals, and fluids intravenously. Because these nutrients are inserted directly into your veins, they’re able to bypass your gastric system, meaning your body will see the effects more quickly.

The whole process is painless and easy. Our team will insert an ultrathin catheter tube into your arm for IV fluids to go into while you relax and feel the effects. The whole process takes about 30-45 minutes.

Why IV therapy for jet lag?

Many of the symptoms that come from jet lag are things that IV therapy treats. Jet lag causes dehydration, headaches, stomach problems, a general feeling of illness, fatigue, and moodiness. 

Our team can use a combination of vitamins and minerals in order to address your specific symptoms. For example, if you’re struggling with headaches, we can make sure that magnesium is included in your treatment. If you’re feeling extremely fatigued, then our team would suggest adding in vitamin B12 for that much needed energy boost.

Overall fluid hydration can also help to reduce the intensity of many of your symptoms.

While your body will eventually get over jet lag on its own, IV therapy is going to jump start that process so you can bounce back much faster.

Next steps

If you know you have a long distance plane trip coming up soon, plan to get IV therapy before and after in order to combat that pesky jet lag.

To book an IV therapy session with us, call our office located in Las Vegas, Nevada, or schedule an appointment online.